We don’t get to choose our family. But we can choose our allies – in both the good times as well as in the tougher periods of life. And it’s up to ourselves to decide wether or not these allies should be like a second family to us.

Love a cross the country

When cancer hit me I felt love and support from both friends and family. They showed their support by driving hours a cross the country to hold my hand, give a smile and a hug and cheer:

“You can do this, you can beat this cancer shit!”

You can meet them here in my book “Willpower Girl – A Teenager’s Trek Through Cancer”. Their voices are on almost every page.

Like a second family

Today they are all still my allies. One of them made this teddy bunny for my youngest son, Harald.

16 years ago this special friend drove hours to visit me in the cancer and chemo bed. Now, she has spend hours making this teddy bunny. I am touch. And overwhelmed. My sons are so lucky to be born into a network of great people that feels like a second family.

Do you remember to spend time and energy on your allies?