What does it take to go to the beach with kids? And should you aim for shade or sunscreen? I found the perfect list of sunscreens.


A Dip In The Ocean

My husband and I agree about a lot of things: Quality coffee, energizing literature and great laughs to name a few. But then there’s this one thing we’ll never be on the same page about: the beach.

If you have been reading my recent post you have probably noticed that the beach has been taking my focus. 2018 has blessed Denmark with the best summer in decades. Some pray for rain. I hope that the summer will continue. A dip in the ocean and a warm touch of sun – that’s summer to me.

My husband on the other hand does not share this interest. He’s not a big swimmer, he prefers grass instead of sand and he loves the shade. (Hate is a strong word but I actually think he hates sand).

We always end up discussing wether or not it’s worth the effort going to the beach. Because it does take some work to go to the beach with kids.


Shade Or Sunscreen?

First of all, there’s one big question: Shade og sunscreen? Well, the experts say both. Let’s take a look at how you manage that.


We have tried different brands. One was not as water resistant as promised. Another made all the towels yellow. A third wasn’t easy to apply. My husband was almost going crazy from being white from lotion leftovers. But then I found this list: https://www.thinkbaby.org/safest-baby-sunscreens-for-your-baby-toddler.html


Far from all beaches offers shade and parasols. Therefor, you must bring your own shade. Which means you have to pack as if you were going away on a long weekend in tent! I’m sure I’m not the only mom who have heard the husband mumble that ‘today is the last time we’re going to the beach!’ while he’s trying to get all the bags in the car.

… And then there’s all the food and drinks, the kid’s toys, the extra towels, dry clothes for everyone …

I admit; It does take some work to go to the beach if you want to be safe in the sun. Especially with kids. But once you are there and see the kids play in the water and sand it’s hard not to smile and jump in the water yourself with your arms in the air – like this picture.

Keeping ourselves, the kids and our marriage safe in the sun requires patience and understanding for each other. Which is why we go to the beach more often than my husband would like but rarer than I would prefer.