I grew up near the beach. As a child I spend days with my friends in the sand playing and swimming and enjoying life without worries. Then cancer hit me like a lightning. Chemo made me bald. And I was so afraid of showing my ugly sick chemo head in public that I refused to visit the beach. Even though I missed the feeling of water and freedom so much. My fear of what others might think when they saw “chemo Mette” took all power of any decision.

It’s 16 years ago now.

Today I visit the beach as often as I can. And I bring my sons. Here I am with my youngest. Harald was born three months ago? And last Sunday afternoon we met a bald and brave woman with two kids right there in the sand. Next week she’s facing a big surgery. But that Sunday she was out to show the world what chemo looks like.

Let’s continue to inspire each other with courage and willpower. Here. At the beach. And anywhere else.


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