Teenage cancer blog


This teenage cancer blog is about my own cancer journey and my life after cancer. I write to inspire you to find your willpower on your trek through cancer. And I write to give your family, friends, doctors and nurses inspiration to support you the best way possible.

My blog is about how I navigated through teenage cancer. And about how I longed and fought to continue a normal teenage life.

The day everything turned around

I was sixteen and diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare type of teenage cancer. I was bald and haunted by the side effects from a rough chemo therapy. One day a young, beautiful woman with long hair opened the door to my hospital room. Her name was Susanne. She told me that only a few years before, she had been in the very same bed. I met Susanne only once, but throughout my treatment, I always had Susanne in mind. She was my muse, my drive to keep fighting. I kept thinking, that I her hair could grow out again, mine could do the same.

Today I hope that my book and blog can be your Susanne.

My biggest wish is to give back what Susanne gave to me: Hope and willpower to keep fighting. Whether you are a teenage cancer patient yourself, a family member or a professional, I hope this blog will inspire you and give you hope and courage to keep fighting.

My teenage cancer blog focuses on important issues like:

  • How to support a teenage cancer patient?
  • What not to say – and what to say to a teenage cancer patient?
  • The difficulties of living a normal teenage life with cancer and chemo on the side.
  • What about my friends – will they still like me when I have cancer?
  • I have cancer – will I ever get a boyfriend?
  • When will my hair grow out again?
  • How do I return to a normal life again after cancer?

I hope my book and teenage cancer blog about life as a teenage cancer patient and life after cancer will inspire you to find your willpower and help you on your trek.

If you want to know the full story, you can find it in my book Willpower Girl — A Teenager’s Trek Through Cancer. You can get a free sample chapter right here

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