How I found happiness:

Some people believe that life is a circle of seven years. That every seventh year we should packup our things and change our life: New job, new home – even a new life partner. I don’t believe that. Change of scenery can be good for you, but I don’t believe that happiness is waiting for us around every seventh corner. I believe that gratitude is waiting for us right here, right now, if we dare to reach out for it.

That was wat I did that night I turned 25.


Celebrating Life

“Happy birthday!” they smiled.

Almost 100 people were gathered, everyone wearing dresses, shirts and nice shoes. Their glasses bubbled.

It was a special day. We were celebrating my 25th birthday AND the Danish release of my book: “Willpower Girl – A Teenager’s Trek through Cancer”. But we were also celebrating something even bigger than a birthday and a book. We were celebrating life.


In Bed With Teen Cancer

When I was 16 and in bed with teen cancer and chemo I sometimes thought about my future. Most of the time I tried not to think too much about it, but sometimes my thoughts completely ignored my intentions and wondered of into the future. But they never went further than my 25th birthday. Today I am not afraid to admit, that I never thought I would turn 25. I couldn’t believe that there would be more life for me than 24 years and 364 days.

Man, am I glad I was wrong!


7 Years of Gratitude

Today I’m 32. It’s been seven years of gratitude. I have been reminded that it is our close relationships that give us willpower to get through the challenging times. The book, the speaker tours, and the letters and emails from readers – and by looking at my own story from the outside when a newspaper or magazine has written about it.

I am deeply grateful for my relationships – and for life. Are you also? And how do you show it – to those who are important to you? And to yourself?